Vanuatu Citizenship Document Submission


Download the Vanuatu Citizenship Application form here

Hello! Government set pricing is $130,000 USD for single, $150,000 for couple, $180,000 for family. Here is a list of the documents required for your application. You can email them to


-Vanuatu Citizenship Application (download above)

-Passport copy

-2 passport photo

-Police clearance (Not older than 6mths, also must have notary signature)

-Medical document (from local doctor to say you are in good health)

-Curriculum Vitae (CV)

-Employment certificate (If employed)

-Bank statement (showing your name)

-Original Address (eg electricity bill showing your name & address)

-Company document ( if you have company or business)

Email your documents in either jpeg, png, pdf, doc or csv format. After we have reviewed your documents we will contact to proceed with application process.



STEP 1 – $2,000 USD for FIU compliance checks so the application can be lodged. Application form, passport form, all documents listed above, completed & returned to us

STEP 2 – After FIU has approved you will be issued with a letter from the Vanuatu Government stating that your application may proceed based on FIU compliance checks. The initial 25 % deposit must then be sent via bank transfer to a government monitored bank account at the National Bank (NBV). This information will all be on the letter from immigration.

STEP 3 – You will be notified that your application is ready to be approved & processed and that your should transfer the remaining 75%. After your final payment is received you will have your citizenship & passport. Whole process will take 4 weeks.

STEP 4 – Ceremony. You may either come to Vanuatu for oath ceremony and collection of your passport or we can arrange delivery of citizenship & passport to your own country for a added fee.


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