‘Naus Tree Agent Vanuatu’ Is located in Port Vila, Vanuatu. We are an official deignated VDSP listed on the government citizenship website – vancitizenship.gov.vu

We have helped many to attain their Vanuatu Citizenship & we will strive to provide your citizenship within the shortest amount of time possible. And at the best price!

Contact us and one of our representatives will reply to you quickly.

Citizenship Benfits


  • Visa FREE travel to 113 countries. Including United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore  (click here for a full list of countries)
  • NO TAX – Vanuatu has no income Tax, Corporate Tax or Capital gains Tax, making it the perfect Tax haven.
  • Company setup
  • International local banks – NBV (National Bank of Vanuatu) ANZ Bank, Bred Bank, BSP (Bank of South Pacific)
  • Vanuatu is a stable & peaceful country to reside or do business
  • Investment opportunities

Citizenship Pricing

Citizenship Process


  1. Financial Intelligence Unit verification (FIU check)
  2. Deposit payment (25%)
  3. Application
  4. Due diligence verification
  5. Final payment
  6. Citizenship commission
  7. Ceremony
  8. Citizenship & Passport Issued
  • If you would like to remain in own country for the entire process this can be arranged for you. Currently the oath ceremony can be conducted via zoom or whatsapp. Please contact us for pricing of this added feature, otherwise your travel to Vanuatu for the Ceremony & collection of Passport will be required.